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Serving customers with airtight packaging items such as like Quad Seal Gusseted Bags, Versatile Stand Up Pouches, Aroma Patterned Flat Pouches, Snack Pack Stand Up Pouches, etc.

About Us

We, Ansuya Impex Pvt. Ltd., are a globally prominent entity that has set new records of excellence in the packaging industry. Our company is active as a manufacturer and retailer of Poly Nylon Vacuum Bags, Metallized Stand Up Pouches, Poly Flat Pouches, Foil Gusseted Bags and many more packaging items. The array is customized as per the need of our clients and is delivered timely without making any hold.

We are serving a huge number of customers especially from the food industry and all of them are quite happy with our solutions. They appreciate us for our products, policies, prices, etc., and rate us high. Since 2013, we have been maintaining a leading status in the market and this has been made achievable because of the support of our professionals, partners and production facilities. We are also looking for distributors that can help us reach more customers from various ends.

We have implemented the best policies that are flexible and are amended with the change in time and as per suggestions of our customers. On all grounds, we are the best entity, which a buyer can ever choose to purchase different types of packaging products.

Choose Us Because

  • We offer the best value for customers money and can deliver customized products to them.
  • We charge budget-friendly rates for our array because we know that price of products plays a major role in their sale.
  • We also offer doorstep delivery of consignments, which in turn help us delight our client base.
  • We make sure to check products for quality so that we do not get any complaints later.
  • We use modern production techniques and are capable of meeting immediate and bulk orders.

Impressive Customer Base

Various factors have enabled us to make our customers impressed and establish a strong bond with them. Besides the quality of our products, our working philosophy, customer handling approach, production facilities, etc., play a major role in making our clients delighted. Once customers have a deal with us, he or she chooses us every time while wanting to purchase products like Foil Gusseted Bags, Poly Flat Pouches, Metallized Stand Up Pouches, Poly Nylon Vacuum Bags, etc., as we win their heart by surpassing their expectations. 
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